Our coffee is roasted using a fluid bed roasting technique, where hot air is used to heat the beans, not unlike popcorn in a hot air popper.   It is said that this method is better than using a gas-fired roaster, as it does not introduce any noxious fumes from the gas into the beans.  As the beans heat in the roaster, they loose moisture and loose mass.  This makes monitoring the bean loft (how high the beans are jumping in the roaster) important.  Too much loft and the beans fly everywhere or take forever to turn brown.  Too little loft and the beans burn and turn to charcoal.  Once the beans hit the right temperature, they are immediately placed in a bean cooler and rapidly cooled, locking in carbon dioxide and flavor.  Beans are then bagged and ready to look for a new home!

We also sell our products every morning at the farmers market in a pour over style, for our patrons to enjoy as they look around at what other vendors have to offer. As the weather is getting more hot, we also offer a pour over over ice and cold brew coffee.

There are many different ways or preparing coffee to drink, but we mainly use the pour over style. Pour over coffee is a simple, but slightly more labor intensive, way to make coffee.  By pouring by hand the hot water over the ground coffee, a person can control the rate and amount of water used in the brewing process.  This helps get the best flavor out of each cup.  It also allows for a consistent cup, each tasting as good as the last.  As long as the rate of pour, the temperature of the water and the level of grind for the coffee beans are consistent, each cup will taste amazing!